Verified Data first spiders your website in order to gain an understanding of your content, such as outbound links, file downloads etc. Then it simulates a visit and audits the pageview as well as clicking on relevant links.

For accounts with a subscription you specify the size of your spider. The default is 1000 pages and these are always audited. If you specify a spider of greater than 1000 pages, a random sample is taken for the subsequent audit. The size of the sample is optimised by the system, though it will be at least 1000 pages.

For free and Pay-As-You-Go accounts, the audit size is limited 1000 pages.

Export Audited Pages

There are two places where you can view the URLs being audited – see screenshots:

  1. The overall report settings – view all the URLs selected for the audit.
  2. Within the Deployment & Governance section – view the list of URLs per variant detected. For example, pages with no tracking code deployed.

NOTE: If the export icon is greyed-out with the message that a new spider has run since the viewed audit completed, the URL list will not be available. The checked URLs are only stored for the current audit.

Export all audited URLs
Export all audited URLs.
Export audited URLs per deployment
Export audited URLs per deployment variant.