A Google Analytics tool for agencies to drive business

Even experts need help

The biggest challenge to expert implementers of analytics tools is the constant change of a website, which impacts the tracking. That is, the constant tweaks, revisions, A/B testing, new pages/sections added to a website etc. Combined with the change in technology platforms and the movement of staff, means that even a perfect setup for today can be out of date in a few months. And of course PII and compliance issues can strike at any time.

Free up time and focus on growing

Verified Data has been built to scale for agency usage. It removes the pain from constantly having to check the “engine room” and so allows you to do more with your existing staff. You can set your own pricing structure for providing a data quality/auditing service, and for an agency with setup skills/experience, there is huge opportunity for providing the necessary fixes.

Generate new business

Go to potential new clients with an audit prepared so you can pitch for work intelligently. If the lead falls through, simply re-use the project slot for a new pitch. 

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“Congrats to the team.  It is an incredibly powerful tool – I have loved using it for the last three months.  Frankly, it continues to amaze me.”
Fred Pike – Northwoods Web Solutions

Key benefits for agencies

  • Be Proactive

    All setups degrade over time. Be ahead of the curve and have a tangible reason to meet/talk regularly with your clients.

  • Built to Scale

    Built on Amazon’s cloud platform, verified Data can scale with ease from 1 website to 100s, and small to content heavy websites.

  • Free your staff

    Because we automate, your staff do more of the fun analysis stuff and less “engine room” work.

  • Grow Your Business

    A good analyst/implementer is hard to find. Use Verified Data to make your staff 10x more efficient!

  • Ease of Use

    Onboarding a new website to audit is typically a 30 minute process, with initial audits ready within a few hours.

  • Pitch Intelligently

    Impress at meetings armed with an array of data quality insights.