Updates Summer 2020

Summary of changes:
1. Improved Layout – Better reports and dashboard i.e. easier to absorb
2. New Features
    – Customise the spam referrer test
    – Duplicate transactions thresholds added
3. Fixes
      – Cross-domain report; Data source test; Better error handling

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Updates May 2020

Summary of changes:
1. New Feature – Region selector for visit simulation
2. New Feature – Consent override
3. Improvement – Revised reports
— Test results now link direct to Google Analytics reports
— Improved tables and new charts

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Updates March 2020

Summary of changes:
1. Improvement – Error Page Tracking in multiple subdirectories
2. Improvement – Email notifications
3. New Feature – Access a project as “email only”
4. Bug Fix – Local currency transactions

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Updates February 2020

Summary of changes:
1. Improvement – Major upgrade to project listing layout
2. Improvement – Error page tracking now includes 410 status checks
3. Improvement – Cookie Report export now available
4. Bug Fix – E-commerce Hit Type Check

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Updates January 2020

***Out of BETA***

We launched Verified Data as a beta in 2018 and since then hundreds of corporations and agencies have been verifying their Google Analytics setups, data quality and privacy compliance. It’s been emotional…!

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