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GDPR compliant Google Analytics?

Stay protected from privacy violation and maintain a process of good governance at all times!

Violating the trust of your website visitors and customers is not only a legal concern, but can be very negative in terms of reputational damage. Our extensive auditing has reveals that 23% of enterprise websites have personal identifiable information (PII) in their Google Analytics.

Monitor every 4 hours with AI

Verify your website’s compliance to privacy and GDPR regulation and avoid any personal information being collected in Google Analytics. We monitor your data every 4 hours for PII using artificial intelligence algorithms. Our smart AI means we can automatically identify PII in multiple languages. 

Remember you cannot clean data retroactively in Google Analytics. Therefore catching any issues early is key. 

Issues checked:

  • Collecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Passing visitor data to third-parties when the visitor has not agreed to it.
  • Ex-employees, ex-agencies still with access to sensitive company and user data.
  • Who has the keys to your data? Is it staff with inappropriate access levels. 

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“A fundamental principle of GDPR is to ensure you do not collect, store or decimate personal data without the blessing of the data subject. Verified Data ensures you adher to that not just today, but continuously monitors your site.”

Axel Tandberg, Senior Advisor PrivacyWorks

Key benefits for Legal & Governance

  • Data Transparency

    Take the lead in data transparency. These days customers view this as a competitive edge.

  • Data Protection

    Set a process to verify who has access to the data – a key GDPR requirement.

  • Verify Consent

    Without visitor consent, GDPR means you cannot send data to 3rd-parties. Verified Data checks consent adherence every 4 hours.

  • Remove PII Risks

    Either by accident or deliberately, collecting personal information can be costly both financially and in terms of reputational damage.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Round the clock peace of mind for all your web properties. (Alert system coming soon.)

  • Free Up Staff

    Get the cloud to automate the laborious task of checking your compliance and governance.

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