Data Accuracy

Problems with Tracking in Google Analytics?

Keeping on top of data accuracy…

When data from Google Analytics does not match other sources, senior management quickly loses trust. This results in the loss of the competitive advantage your data brings to the business. Verified Data enables you to regain trust in your e-commerce data.

By automating, Verified Data keeps on top of your data BEFORE small problems become big issues. The account tester drills down through your Google Analytics setup using “decision tree” logic to identify problem areas, including:

  • Account/property configuration settings.
  • Filter setup and validity.
  • Duplicate counting – hits, sessions, users
  • Missing data – what should be collected?
  • Inaccurate or incorrect data (including e-commerce)
  • The dreaded collection of personal information.

Bridging the “data gap”

Discrepancies between your Google Analytics reports and other systems – the data gap – is often a problem. This includes e-commerce sales systems and advertising platforms. Finding differences between your transactions, revenue, or ad conversions is frustrating at best, but can also lead to bad decisions being made on the flawed data.

Of course different systems are never likely to fully align, so allowing for a 5% discrepancy is a good idea. For example to account for cancellations, order modifications, anti-fraud algorithms etc. However in many cases the difference is larger due to a failure in the set-up…

50% of e-commerce sites have duplicate transactions!

– and you may never realise this until it is too late…!

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“Having control over our data accuracy is key for evaluating the performance of our marketing budget and e-commerce funnel. As an in-house tool, Verified Data allows us to focus our time and budget – spending less time on fixes and more on analysing and A/B testing.”
Fredric Johansson – E-commerce Manager at

Key benefits for websites owners

  • Align Transactions

    Ensure your valuable data is taken seriously by aligning Google Analytics transactions with your back-end sales system.

  • Quickly Identify Issues

    Instantly spot inconsistent or missing data e.g. fraud, spam, errors etc., before they become serious.

  • Monetise Your Entire Site

    Sync your marketing data with conversions to predict “value” i.e. cost per visitor, cost per lead etc.

  • Verify Attribution

    When all conversions can be traced to a source, medium and campaign, you achieve trust in your attribution models.

  • Comparing Apples

    Consistent tracking across all products and campaigns means the full power of Google Analytics can be used.

  • Longitudinal

    Be able to take a long term view of your data so that you really can compare this period’s results with the same time last year.

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