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My goal is to free you from bad data and compliance anxiety

Brian Clifton’s Mission since 2018

I want to provide an independent audit tool to help you with privacy compliance. Providing confidence that tracking pixels fire when they should and not when they shouldn’t (i.e. consent) – ditto for cookies.

In addition, data is now considered very valuable – but it can go bad at any time – lost, polluted, duplicated, or a dreaded GDPR compliance issue. Often these problems go unnoticed for months – ruining marketing plans, with retroactive cleaning almost impossible. Verified Data ensures you keep on top of data BEFORE small problems become big issues.

With good data governance in place, your visitors are much more likely to share their valuable data with you in the first place – and become customers!


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We are corporate supporters of the Tim Berners Lee initiative: and an official data partner of Ghostery.


Behind The Scenes

The team behind Verified Data is led by myself, Brian Clifton – former Head of Web Analytics at Google Europe and 4x best selling author. I have been auditing sites since 2010, with my audit method formally outlined in the book Successful Analytics (2015). This consolidated my thoughts and raised the obvious question: “Why don’t we build a tool to automate this?”

Building a tool to automate the entire process was initiated with the first release in September 2018. Since then, a lot of smart thinking and smart technology has gone into Verified Data. We integrate with Google AI to detect personal data and Ghostery for tracker script detection. Now, our tools can assesses Google Analytics data that is collected and missing, and a website’s privacy compliance as a whole (all cookies and all tracker tags ; )

Brian Clifton - founder of Verified Data
Audits for Google Analytics and privacy compliance

Want to invite Brian to talk at your event?

I have been presenting all my adult life with a track record of discussing analytics since 2002. These days I focus on the bigger picture of our industry. My favourite subjects are data quality and privacy – particularly GDPR and consent, though I also talk about working at Google – its culture in those early/heady days, and digital marketing in general – I began my digital career in SEO and web development.

If you would like me to participate at your event, please contact me via LinkedIn.