Our goal with Verified Data is...

To free you from the engine room!


Healthy data is valuable data. Using analytics is powerful when the data used is both complete and accurate – and dangerous when it is not. At the moment, there are around 30 million web sites using Google Analytics in the world, and this number is still rising.

Our mission is to provide a global third-party independent auditing software tool that helps Google Analytics users ensure they use only trustable data that they can rely on.

Our ambition is to verify all Google Analytics set-ups for completeness, accuracy and privacy compliance – benefiting businesses, agencies, the public sector, and ultimately the citizens of the web.

As data quality ambassadors, we aim to help clean web data collection processes. We are strong advocates of privacy and data governance and hence we are corporate supporters of Tim Berners Lee’s initiative to keep the web open and free: ContractfortheWeb.org.

Behind the scenes

Verified Data auditing is developed by Brian Clifton (PhD) – former Head of Analytics, Google EMEA and best selling author of Advanced Web Metrics and Successful Analytics – and a bunch of really smart people.

Brian had been developing his manual audit technique for the consistent auditing of Google Analytics since leaving Google in 2008 and it was formally outlined in his book Successful Analytics. During the writing process, it became very apparent that an automated tool would do a much better job – and the process to build it was initiated in 2015.

By 2017 a private alpha version launched, with a public beta following in September 2018. Building an enterprise, robust, scalable tool takes time! And a lot of smart thinking and smart technology has now gone into Verified Data – including artificial intelligence and heuristics logic. However the principal remains the same as first delivered manually.