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PAGE Inspector

Website Privacy Compliance Audit Tool

Audit and monitor your website’s consent management platform. Our website compliance audit tool reveals the complete picture of any website’s data collection and cookie structure – any tracking pixel, any cookie, any consent choice. It highlights issues so you can gain control of your privacy compliance and build customer trust.

How the audit tool works

You select the geolocation, browser type, number of pages to crawl,  and what consent choice applies – such as “accept all” or “reject all”. The PAGE Inspector then simulates a visitor journey through the site and maps all cookies and tracking/marketing pixels found – highlighting whether this matches the user’s consent choice i.e. compliant. Then enable the monitor to schedule regular checks and alert you if necessary.

Watch the video overview and follow our development with our Release Notes.

Advanced Simulator

Emulates a visitor journey and discovers what cookies and tracking/marketing pixels load.

Verify Cookies

Auto classify all cookies set, their properties and consent compliance.

Verify Tracking Pixels

Map coverage and classify all tracking pixels and marketing pixels, including compliance.

Verify Consent

Peace of mind auditing to protect your organisation and your customers.


Schedule audits for peace of mind for all your web properties and get alerted if things change.

Free Up Staff

Our tool does the repetitive stuff, so your staff can focus on fixes and improvements.


Simulate a multi-page visit to your site to verify any page tag, any cookie, any consent choice.

Cookie Map & Compliance

Audit all cookies set and their properties. You decide what consent choice is applied for the crawl.

Tracking Pixel Map & Compliance

Audit all loaded tracker and marketing pixels. Deployment coverage, auto-categorise, data transfer jurisdiction country.

Auto-Categorise & Export

Cookies and Pixels classified into standard categories. You can edit these and export if you wish.

Geo Specific Audit

Crawl from Europe, USA, Asia.

Browser Specific User-Agent

Crawl as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or your own user-agent.

Audits Over Time

Historical reports saved for 12 months.

Monitor & Alert

Schedule all of the above for peace of mind and be alerted by email if something changes.

Unlimited Users

Add your colleagues to your account. If you are an agency, consider the data ownership options.

API access

Embed results into your own reports/system.

Read more about free v paid features.

Gain Control Over Trackers, Cookies & Compliance

Make data compliance your competitive advantage. Verified Data turns privacy obligations into a valuable asset.