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Agency and Enterprise friendly…

As an AGENCY – you have the flexibility to sell either one-off audits, or provide a longer term monitoring service.

As an ENTERPRISE – the features and horsepower options are identical. The difference is how you use it in-house.

  • Delete and reuse completed projects for new clients
  • Purchase Addons for extra capacity
  • Unlimited audits per spider (30 day limit)
  • Unlimited users – for your staff or clients
  • Ad-hoc & Scheduler for regular auditing
  • Current Status feature – data governance checked every 4 hours
  • Perfect for multi-site organisations e.g. company.com/.de etc., or for subdomains

Simple pricing with no setup fees

Billing is based on two factors and you can expand with Addons at any time.

  • Projects – the number of websites audited, though one website may use multiple projects e.g. www. verses support.
  • URLs Credits – the number of URLs to spider. You can allocate these to Projects as you wish.
One-Off Enterprise Agency
(i.e. websites)
1 2
Can be re-used
Can be re-used
URLs Credits 10,000 100,000
1 Million
Audit frequency 1 Unlimited + Scheduler Unlimited + Scheduler
Real Time monitor every 4 hours every 4 hours
Look back window up to 365 days up to 365 days up to 365 days
Setup included Yes Self service Self service
Review call with professional auditor Yes Self service Self service
Cost* €750 3,600 €
9,900 €

*Alternatively you may choose a 3 month payment period. If so, spider credits are distributed evenly between each period. Note if you choose to pay annually, all URL credits are applied upon commencement AND the price is 20% less!

Addons – Expand your licence

A spider lasts for 30 days and within that time frame you can re-audit as often as you wish. After that, running a new audit will update the spider and so use another set of URL credits. You can always add more URL Credits and/or Projects to your license as needed. You decide what fits best:

All the features – you pay only for more horsepower

Unlike most “freemium” tools, we take the view that all license types should be fully  featured – the difference is the horsepower provided. For example, how big a website you audit, or how many websites you can audit in your account.

Trial Pro
Governance & GDPR
Account Structure & Access Y Y
Data Validity Y Y
PII Compliance Y Y
Privacy & Consent Compliance Y Y
Deployment & Coverage Y Y
Marketing & Acquisition
AdWords Tracking Y Y
Advanced Visitor Segmentation Y Y
Campaign Tracking Y Y
Bespoke Tracking
Site Search Tracking Y Y
File Download Tracking Y Y
Outbound Link Tracking Y Y
Form Submission Tracking coming soon coming soon
Video Engagement Tracking coming soon coming soon
Error Page Tracking coming soon coming soon
Event Tracking Y Y
Conversion Tracking
Transaction Tracking in development in development
Goal Setup Y Y

Note some of our features are “coming soon”. As a licensed Beta user, you will automatically  receive access to these when they become available – at no further cost and for a minimum of  one payment period.