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Agency and Enterprise friendly…

As an AGENCY – you have the flexibility to sell either one-off audits, or provide a longer term monitoring service.

As an ENTERPRISE – the features and horsepower options are identical. The difference is how you use it in-house.

  • Delete and reuse completed projects for new clients
  • Purchase Addons for extra capacity
  • Unlimited audits per spider (30 day limit)
  • Unlimited users – for your staff or clients
  • Ad-hoc & Scheduler for regular auditing
  • Current Status feature – data governance checked every 4 hours
  • Perfect for multi-site organisations e.g. company.com/.de etc., or for subdomains

License options

Billing is based on two factors and you can expand with Addons at any time.

  • Spider Credits – the number of URLs used
  • Projects – the number of websites audited
Trial Pro
Projects 1 2
Can be re-used
Expand with Addons
Spider Credits 100 URLs 120,000 URLs
Expand with Addons
Audit frequency 1 per day Ad­hoc + Scheduler
Current Status every 24 hours every 4 hours
Look back Window 7 days up to 365 days
(if paid quarterly)
Time limited
1,080 €
(if paid yearly)
Time limited
3,600 €
(20% discount)

3 month minimum payment period with spider credits distributed evenly between these. If you opt to pay annually you receive all URL credits upon commencement.

Addons – Expand your licence

A spider lasts for 30 days and within that time frame you can re-audit as often as you wish. After that, running a new audit will update the spider and so use another set of URL credits. You can always add more URL Credits and/or Projects to your license as needed. You decide what fits best:

All the features – you pay only for more horsepower

Unlike most “freemium” tools, we take the view that all license types should be fully  featured – the difference is the horsepower provided. For example, how big a website you audit, or how many websites you can audit in your account.

Trial Pro
Governance & GDPR
Account Structure & Access Y Y
Data Validity Y Y
Data Compliance Y Y
Deployment & Coverage Y Y
Marketing & Acquisition
AdWords Tracking Y Y
Advanced Visitor Segmentation Y Y
Campaign Tracking Y Y
Bespoke Tracking
Site Search Tracking Y Y
File Download Tracking Y Y
Outbound Link Tracking Y Y
Form Submission Tracking coming soon coming soon
Video Engagement Tracking coming soon coming soon
Error Page Tracking coming soon coming soon
Event Tracking Y Y
Conversion Tracking
Transaction Tracking coming soon coming soon
Goal Setup Y Y
Funnel Setup coming soon coming soon

Note some of our features are “coming soon”. As a licensed Beta user, you will automatically  receive access to these when they become available – at no further cost and for a minimum of  one payment period.