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Google Analytics Audit Tool

Quickly assess the health and structure of your Google Analytics data. Our Google Analytics audit tool is used by agencies and professionals world-wide to keep on top of web/app data. Preventing small problems becoming big issues, its a huge time saver for data managers.


GA4 Data Audit

Automated checks drill-down through Google Analytics reports using decision tree logic to identify problem areas for both Universal Analytics and GA4 – flagging items that work, do not work, or just look odd. All audited in under a minute, with historical data saved and a scheduler to automatically monitor data regularly.


Checks for every section of Google Analytics – both Universal and GA4.

Smart algorithms discover if personal identifiable information (PII) has been collected via our integration with Google’s AI for advanced checks covering 39 countries. Read more about our smart PII methodology.

Avoid reporting “noise” with custom thresholds. Adjust and re-audit in real time.

Checks for who can access GA data and with what permissions using a formalised process to positively vet users. Just what your data governance team needs!

Automated, fast and accurate Google Analytics health check audits.

Read more about our features. See what we are developiong in our Release Notes.

Find Issues Quickly

Spot inconsistent or missing data, before it becomes serious.

Universal and GA4 Checks

Audit with drill-down “decision tree” logic that identifies problem areas.

Report API

The API allows you to integrate all audit data within your own reports & tools.

Advanced PII Checks

Google AI integration to route out collected personal information. PII Reference Guide.


Schedule audits for peace of mind for all your web properties.

Free Up Staff

Because we automate, your staff do less “engine room” work.

Regain Trust in Your Google Analytics

GA audits for Personal data; Duplicate data; Missing data; Inaccurate data; Incorrect data.