Verified Data uses a unique forensic HYBRID method to audit your data with over 200 checks/tests.


Firstly, the tool spiders your website looking for trackable content. The spider behaves just like a real visitor in that it waits for each page to load, then searches for clickable elements e.g. file downloads, outbound links, search boxes, submission forms etc., and clicks on them. The purpose being to listen for signals sent to Google Analytics*. If the pageview or any of those click-events do not send a Google Analytics hit, you know there is a problem…

Stress Tests & GDPR Governance

A major feature is our GDPR and data governance stress tests – using AI to hunt for traces of any collected personal information, 3rd-party tracking, and a process for approving user access and permissions. Further tests look for failures in your data such as duplicate data points, missing data, inaccurate or incorrect data. This includes checks on e-commerce data, both standard and enhanced.

*Hits to Google Analytics (or any other tool) are automatically blocked, so there is no traffic inflation with Verified Data.

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