The DATA Inspector is a free to use product – all Google Analytics data checks for free and this will satisfy the needs of most sites. That said, there is paid version with more horsepower for larger enterprises. Typically, this applies if you are an agency, consultancy, or an in-house team that manages multiple Google Analytics properties and handles large quantities of data. Compare the features below:


Project Management

Free version Paid version
  • Single project. Re-audit, or audit another website by overwriting.
  • Single user logon.
  • Full project management for multiple websites.
  • Create and edit projects as you go.
  • Re-audit as often as you wish and save historical results.
  • Full user management – unlimited access for colleagues, clients etc.

Historical Data

Free version Paid version
  • Manual audits.
  • No historical data saved – only the results of the last audit.
  • Scheduler – run audits automatically.
  • All historical audits saved for 12 months.

Table Sizes

Free version Paid version (10x)
  • The top 500 rows by volume.
  • The bottom 500 rows by volume.
  • If the api table is less than 1000 rows, the full table is assessed.
  • For custom dimensions, 10 rows each*.
  • PII Global checks. See the PII Reference Guide.

When a query returns a large number of rows, we assess 30,000 rows taken as follows:

  • The top 5,000 rows by volume.
  • A middle 5,000 rows by volume‡.
  • The bottom 5,000 rows by volume.
  • If the api table is less than 15,000 rows, the full table is assessed.
  • For custom dimensions, 100 rows each*.
  • PII Global checks plus specific checks for 38 countries.

Why table size can be important
Enterprise and transactional sites often have large volumes of data, hence sample size is important. Consider this if your events + page views are greater than 10 million per month, or you require stronger protection against collecting personal data (PII).

Data Access

Free version Paid version
  • All via the user interface.
  • API access to all results – current and historical.
  • CSV results – file export per audit.

* All defined custom dimensions (UA), or custom definitions (GA4 event scoped and user scoped) are assessed. 

For Universal Analytics the limit is 20,000 rows (top and bottom) due to limitations of the Google reporting API.