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PAGE Inspector Pi Chart

Free versus Paid

The PAGE Inspector (beta) is a free to use when all you need is a home page audit – of any website – we call this a project. Try it first.

The paid version gives you more horsepower to crawl an entire site with custom settings. Plus extra features if you are an agency, consultancy, or an in-house team managing large websites and multiple web properties. Compare the differences below:

Project Management

Free Version

Single homepage project. Re-audit, or audit another by overwriting.

Single user only.

Paid Version

Full project management for multiple websites.

Create and edit projects as you go.

Re-audit as often as you wish and save historical results.

Full user management – unlimited access for colleagues/clients.

Historical Data

Free Version

Manual audits.

No historical data – only the last results.

Paid Version

Scheduler – auto-run audits.

Historical audits saved for 12 months.

Crawler Settings

Free Version

Home page only.

Default crawl settings.

Cookie Map – auto categorised and audited by consent choice.

PII Global scan only. See the PII Reference Guide.

Paid Version

Crawl up to 1,000 pages in detail (custom sizes available).

Custom settings to include/exclude pages.

Geo specific crawl – Europe, US, Asia.

Browser specific crawl – Chrome, Safari, Firefox, custom user-agent.

PII Global scan plus 38 specific country checks.

Why crawl size can be important

You will want to crawl as many pages as possible, however balance this with the time it takes. Remember, the PAGE Inspector must wait for each page to download with all its assets (excluding images and videos). It also listens to your server response times so that it does not interfere with performance. Therefore allow 4-6 seconds to audit each page.

For example, a 1000 page audit will find the vast majority of page pixels and cookies and take 60-90 mins to complete.


Data Access

Free Version

All via the user interface.

Paid Version

CSV results – file export per audit.

API access to all results – in development 2023.