Public Sector

Can citizens trust you?

From a citizen’s point of view, the public sector is expected to take the lead on privacy and good data governance. The challenge for maintaining best practice and compliance, is co-ordinating the shear number of websites involved and the numerous admins required to maintain these.

Take the in Lead Data Governance

Who can access citizen data? Is it anonymous? Good Governance means you protect the open web and your citizens. In the EU, people have the right to request what data is being collected about them. Obviously, for website owners this is quite an admin headache! Verified Data can remove the pain of such laborious tasks by verifying and monitoring en masse that Google Analytics contains no personal identifiable information in the first place. 

Maintaining Accuracy 

Maintaining accuracy e.g not double counting the same visitor through different departmental websites, is a challenge many public sector websites have when you wish to compare data and be open and transparent. Remember this needs to be constantly monitored, as you cannot clean data retroactively in Google Analytics. Verified Data does this for you 24/7. Find out more here!

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“Verified Data is exactly what the public sector needs! As transparency is key, they want to be in the light for good, open data with no violation of citizens rights”
Joakim Jardenberg – Senior advisor & Business Angel. Former Head of Internet, City of Helsingborg

Key benefits for the public sector websites

  • Data Transparency

    Be proactive in reassuring your citizens and stakeholders of your best practice endeavours.

  • Verify Data Protection

    Set a process to verify who has access to the data – a key GDPR requirement.

  • Verify Consent

    Without visitor consent, GDPR means you cannot send data to 3rd-parties. Verified Data checks consent adherence every 4 hours.

  • Remove a Headache

    Citizens can request what data is collected about them. Remove this burden by verifying no personal data is collected to start with.

  • Peace of Mind

    Round the clock 24/7 monitoring of all your web properties. (Alert system coming soon.)

  • Ease of Management

    From a few websites to hundreds. Share audit access with colleagues, share PDF summaries with management.