Corporate and B2B

The correct Google Analytics set-up for B2B and corporates

A process for good governance

Good governance and control over your data is important to you, especially in a global corporate context with many regional specific websites. Our ongoing monitoring is an insurance against potential failures.

Free up bottlenecks

The 2017 Data Scientist report revealed 51% of the respondents listed issues related to poor data quality as one of the biggest bottlenecks to successfully completing projects. It also revealed that most analysis time is spent working on what they like the least – namely collecting, labeling, cleaning, and organizing data!

Gain more time

Use Verified Data’s smart technology employing AI, to help you stay on top of corporate compliance and data accuracy i.e. Free up your team’s time for more productive analysis and insights.

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Davinci Tools
“If you’re going to make data-informed decisions, better be confident in your data!
Whereas other solutions merely check the presence of tracking pixels, Verified Data addresses the complex task of making sure your configuration is actually right to test and trust your data.”
Stéphane Hamel – Founder & CEO of Da Vinci Tools

Key benefits for corporate websites

  • Data Transparency

    Take the lead in data transparency. These days customers view this as a competitive edge.

  • Data Protection

    Set a process to verify who has access to the data – a key GDPR requirement.

  • Verify Consent

    Without visitor consent, GDPR means you cannot send data to 3rd-parties. Verified Data checks consent adherence every 4 hours.

  • Remove PII Risks

    Either by accident or deliberately, collecting personal information can be costly both financially and in terms of reputational damage.

  • Peace of mind

    Round the clock 24/7 monitoring of all your web properties. (Alert system coming soon.)

  • Free up your staff

    Allow a machine to automate the process of checking your compliance.