Worried about data quality?

You are not alone. Gain control and verify your collected data. Spend more time on insights and acting on findings instead of manually verifying your data.

GDPR & Privacy Compliance

Verify your website’s privacy and GDPR compliance. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, we monitor your data every 4 hours for any collected personal information.

Even experts need help

Even for expert implementers the biggest challenge is the constant change of websites that impacts tracking. Remove the pain of constantly having to check the “engine room”.

Your auditor for Google Analytics

Poor Data = Poor Decisions

On average, we have found that 60% of data in Google Analytics is so poor it is not worth analysing. As a result, analysts become maintenance workers spending their time searching for needles in data haystacks. 

With Verified Data in place, you will get the whole story from your Google Analytics data. You and your team can then focus on insights instead of auditors, so the businesses can make decisions based on better structured, cleaner, more accurate and compliant data.

Monitor data quality with over 200 checks

Gain control

Verified Data is a Google Analytics specific tool that goes deep into your data. Accurate deployment and 100% tracking code coverage is of course essential, but we do more. We audit your data governance with over 200 checks to help you validate that you have good, solid data that you can rely on – and ensure your website is GDPR compliant. It’s automated and fast and will keep you out of the engine room and focused on your important analysis. 

Unique Features

  • Quick Setup

    Get started with just a few clicks; Results completed within a few hours; Set a scheduler to continually monitor.

  • GDPR Checks

    A pro-active forensic checker to reassure your customers, stakeholders and investors.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Integrated artificial Intelligence technology to detect any personal information liabilities.

  • In Depth Crawler

    We don’t just scrape tracking code, we search and discover all trackable content and listen for data signals.

  • Cloud Based

    With 200+ unit tests, we are the foremost cloud based audit & monitor for Google Analytics.

  • Scorecard Visualisation

    Easy to understand reports so you can prioritise resources for cleaning up data, and quickly.

Companies with Verified Data

Companies with Verified Data