PII Audit Reference Guide

Because filtering out personal information from your Google Analytics reports still leaves your data on Google servers (see article), and because such sensitive information is also likely to be collected by other servers/routers in transit, it is important to monitor and route out PII regularly. This reference guide described the audit checks and the methodology…

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error page tracking google analytics

Tracking Error Pages

Knowing your error pages (404/410 – missing pages) and being able to separate these from regular pageviews is a quick win for fixing website usability issues – as few visitors stay around when errors are displayed! Verified Data conducts a number of checks for missing pages that are summarised as two audit items for error…

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How to export tested url's in Verified Data

View Pages Audited by Verified Data

Verified Data first spiders your website in order to gain an understanding of your content, such as outbound links, file downloads etc. Then it simulates a visit and audits the pageview as well as clicking on relevant links. For accounts with a subscription you specify the size of your spider. The default is 1000 pages…

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Image showing Visitor segmentation

Understanding The Segmentation Audit

Segmentation = Grouping Data A key part of any analysts job is the segmenting of data—that is, the grouping (or separating) of data into similar “types”. Without doing this, you either end up analysing ALL of your disparate data so that you only see the big picture changes – missing the detail. Or you focus…

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How Bad is Google Analytics Data Around the World?

If your think your data quality is bad, don’t worry, you are not alone! Websites across the board are all struggling with their data quality – including well known brands from all industry verticals, transactional, lead generation and info/educational sites. Brian Clifton studied in detail 75 enterprise websites that were using Google Analytics. By assessing…

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Will audit hits appear in my Analytics reports?

Yes (and no). By default, when Verified Data simulates a visit and tests a page it blocks all Google Analytics and DoubleClick hits from being sent. In addition it blocks any other hits that may send tracking data. For example, if a network request contains a query string longer than x characters. However in order…

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Run, Schedule, Cancel an Audit

There are two ways to run an audit: On Demand and via the Scheduler. On Demand Use this for one-off audits. For example, testing a setup configuration, or you just need a snapshot of the data quality right now. Remember that if a spider is set to collect more than 1000 pages, not all will be…

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User Structure

You can add an unlimited number of users at two levels: Account level or Project level: Account Level Users These can view and access all projects within the account. Add these users via the account menu: Project Level Users These can view and access only the projects they have been granted to. Add these users within…

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