Campaign tracking issues in Google Analytics?

Measuring attribution is hard

Marketing is expensive. Some channels are more effective than others and these can switch around depending on the goal you wish to achieve – so which should you focus on?

Answering that key question and know how it varies based on your campaign changes or A/B testing, is the ultimate aim of your marketing efforts. Measuring ROI and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) depend on a having a systematic and robust method of campaign tracking i.e. to ensure the correct attribution is set. Verified Data does this for you.

Building confidence

Mistakes in the reporting and collection process can mislead the marketing team and drain confidence. Put simply: Poor Data = Poor Insights, and this is unfortunately a common reason for marketing failure. Verified Data provides the confidence required to help you make the right marketing decisions.

Campaign tracking results in Verified Data
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Campaign tracking results in Verified Data
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“Having control over our data accuracy is key for evaluating the performance of our marketing budget and e-commerce funnel. As an in-house tool, Verified Data allows us to focus our time and budget – spending less time on fixes and more on analysing and A/B testing.”
Fredric Johansson – E-commerce Manager at

Key benefits for marketing teams

  • Verify Attribution

    Gain trust in your attribution models and present your results with confidence by ensuring all campaigns are setup correctly.

  • Verify Google Ads

    A tool that acts like an extra pair of eyes – helping you to unify your ads tracking approach for  multiple teams and accounts.

  • Comparing Apples

    Ensure a consistent campaign approach across all products and brands so performance reports are not fragmented.

  • Verify Segments

    Verify you have the segment data to be able to assess customers v prospects v staff v job seekers v investors etc.

  • Longitudinal

    Be able to take a long term view of your data so that you really can compare this quarter’s results with the same time last year.

  • Monetise Your Site

    Sync your marketing data with transactions to predict “value” i.e. cost per visitor, cost per lead etc.

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