Are GA hits blocked when a spider runs?

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Yes (and no). By default, when we spider or test a page we block all Google Analytics and DoubleClick hits from being sent. However, in order to check if 3rd-party cookies are used by Google Analytics – this happens if you have Demographics and Interest Reports, Remarketing with GA or DCM Integration – we have to allow a very small number of hits to pass through our filter.

This is because some DoubleClick hits can originate from the Google Analytics hit (analytics.js file). The check for 3rd-party cookie use is important because of its privacy implications. Using 3rd-party cookies requires explicit consent under GDPR laws, whereas using the default 1st-party cookie method of Google Analytics does not require consent (read the detailed discussion regarding tracking consent).

What is the number of hits allowed through?

Very small… If you load DoubleClick from your home page, only 1 hit will be allowed through to GA and the tool immediately stops checking. If DoubleClick is not detected on your homepage a maximum of 10 pageviews per audit, or 0.1% of the total spider size, whichever is the larger number, are allowed through. The reason for checking more than the one page is that often DoubleClick is deployed only on certain parts of a website, such as a specific product category. The spider therefore needs a chance to find these during its random crawl, but will stop once a DoubleClick hit is found.

For the Real Time audits, a separate set of checks are made every 4 hours (every 24 hours for the Trial license). Therefore as little as 6 pageview hits per day if DoubleClick is found on your homepage. If not, then up to 60 pageview hits for websites with a spider size of under 10,000 URLs (6 x 10 pages). For content heavy websites i.e. those over 10,000 pages, this would be 0.1% of the spider size e.g. 600 pages per day for a website with a spider size of 100,000 pages (6 x 100 pages).

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How to filter Verified Data from your Google Analytics account

You can stop Verified Data checks from being collected in your Google Analytics reports by defining a filter based on our browser signature:


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