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On-going Data Assurance

If you are a large organisation, use the Verified Data audit scheduler to ensure your Google Analytics data quality is always fit for purpose, so that:

  • Internal teams can make decisions throughout the year based upon reliable data.
  • To be able to compare historical data e.g. Black Friday sales this year versus last year.
  • Compliance obligations can be met, such as GDPR and inadvertent collection of personal information.
  • Free up your staff so that they focus on insights and spotting opportunities, not data house-keeping chores.

In addition you can run ad-hoc one-off audits i.e. a snapshot in time. This is useful when checking a new website section or subdomain.

GDPR, Governance and PII monitoring

Sleep easy at night if you have the responsibility of ensuring your organisation is deploying best practice compliance and data governance! Verified Data uses artificial intelligence algorithms to check your Google Analytics account constantly, every 4 hours, for any collected personal information, as well as other governance items that can cause havoc with your data and compliance requirements.

Flexible billing – Spider once, audit many

Verified Data gives you the flexibility to work the way your organisation needs. Determine your costs by combining the number of URLs to spider with the number of Projects used.

Estimate your spider URLs – Use Google’s site: feature for each web property requiring an audit. This tells you approximately how many URLs belong to a domain. You can always purchase more URLs as needed and these never expire. That is, any unused URLs simply roll-over into the next billing period.

See also:  Agency Audit Account

Estimate your project number – A useful estimate is to check how many web site properties you have setup in Google Analytics – each property should its own audit (excluding any test/staging servers).



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