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Enterprise Audit Account

19th Sep 2018

On-going Data Assurance If you are a large organisation, use the Verified Data audit scheduler to ensure your Google Analytics data quality is always fit for purpose, so that:

  • Internal teams can make decisions throughout the year based upon reliable data.
  • To be able to compare historical data e.g. Black Friday sales this year versus last year.
  • Compliance obligations can be met, such as GDPR and inadvertent collection of personal information.
  • Free up your staff so that they focus on insights and spotting opportunities, not data house-keeping chores.
In addition you can run ad-hoc one-off audits i.e. a snapshot in time. This is Read more

Agency Audit Account

19th Sep 2018

Free up your staff "Up to 50% of employee time is wasted hunting for data, finding and correcting errors, and searching for confirming sources."   Source: Harvard Business Review. As any data-driven business knows, good analytics staff are hard to find and therefore important to keep. With so much opportunity that insights brings to the business table, don't waste your valuable employee time on data chores. Verified Data was originally conceived by Brian Clifton as a way of minimizing the time spent on Google Analytics house-keeping at his own consultancy agency, so as to provide more client insights, and Read more