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Free up your staff

Up to 50% of employee time is wasted hunting for data, finding and correcting errors, and searching for confirming sources.”   Source: Harvard Business Review.

As any data-driven business knows, good analytics staff are hard to find and therefore important to keep. With so much opportunity that insights brings to the business table, don’t waste your valuable employee time on data chores. Verified Data was originally conceived by Brian Clifton as a way of minimizing the time spent on Google Analytics house-keeping at his own consultancy agency, so as to provide more client insights, and hence grow his business.

Grow your agency without the overhead

Built with agency requirements in mind from the ground up, use Verified Data as a service for clients in different ways. For example:

  • Client Pitches – be prepared in advance by knowing what data issues your prospect is faced with.
  • Ad-hoc audits – one-off data quality snapshots enabling your clients to sign-off work, provide assurance prior to a new section/product/design launch, or a pre-requisite for consultation services.
  • On-going data assurance – regular data quality audits and governance checks e.g. constantly checking for PII issues, GDPR compliance etc.

Agencies accounts have exactly the same features as enterprise account holders of Verified Data – the difference is how you use your URLs and Projects. For example, for ad-hoc you can delete an existing project and reuse its slot for another client. In that way a 10 project license can be used to service many more clients.

Flexible billing – Spider once, audit many

Verified Data has the flexibility to work the way you want with your clients, regardless of your business model. Costs are determined by combining the number of spider URLs with the number of Projects used – meaning a single spider can be audited many times without additional cost. Any unused URLs simply roll-over into the next billing period.

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