Summary of updates

  1. Improved project listing layout
  2. Error page tracking update
  3. Cookie Report Export
  4. Bug Fix – E-commerce Hit Type Check

1. Improved Project Listing

A “Next Audit” column has been added to the project listing table that hopefully is self explanatory, but here is a quick explanation:

  • If its showing a Run Now link, then there is no schedule for the audit. You can start a new audit with the link i.e. instead of having to drill-down into the project.
  • If its showing a ETA $time, the audit is currently running and in the example it will complete in 11 mins.
  • If its showing a Scheduled: $date link, it means this project has been scheduled to run recuringly and the next date it will run is $date. The link will take you to the Schedule/Run page.

2. Error Page Tracking

Added checks to also test for status code 410 pages in addition to the 404 checks. See the Help doc: Tracking Error Pages.

3. Cookie Report Export

The cookie report and tests have proved very popular – so much so, we have enabled these results to be exported. Choose ALL, 1st Party only, 3rd Party only.

4. Bug Fix – E-commerce Hit Type Check

We identified a bug where the comparison calculation was not correct, meaning this test incorrectly would fail as amber for sites that had no mix of hit types. The fix is for all new audits moving forward.